Wednesday, December 3, 2008

FHE @ Mesa, AZ Temple

FHE for December 8, 2008
We are excited for the Christmas Season! Since we have the temple so close to us, we have decided to take a tour of the Christmas lights at the Mesa, AZ, Temple grounds.
~We will have hot chocolate to warm up after we walk around the grounds and the visitor center.
~We will meet at the flag pole in front of the Visitor Center at 7:30pm.
~The Westwood High Honor Choir will be performing at 7p-7:30p if you would like to go earlier and listen to the concert. They suggest that you arrive early to get a seat.
~Inside the visitor center, there will be an International Nativity Scene Exhibit from 10 am to 10 pm daily.
~Bring friends to share the Christmas Season at the temple.
~Hope we see you all there!
If you have any questions, contact either Casey Lanford or Jamie Jones (or leave a comment here).

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Great blog........
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